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Halldor Laxness, Brekkukotsannal (Reykjavik, 1957), p.
Halldor Laxness has fashioned a hilarious, humane tapestry in Iceland's Bell.
Halldor Laxness, the Icelandic writer, made this point in his books, and was ostracised for disloyalty to his |fathers' until international fame as a Nobel prize-winner in 1955 changed all that.
We have one Nobel Prize winner, Halldor Laxness, who was a very good storyteller.
Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1955 "for his vivid epic power which has renewed the great narrative art of Iceland," Halldor Laxness writes in an idiom far removed from the hectic sensibility fostered by Hollywood (where Laxness, incidentally, sought employment after the First World War).