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Neglecting the big picture, Hamburg gets so bogged down in mundane details and petty gossip that by the end, you feel like you did "after Batman and Robin or Lethal Weapon 4: All you want is your time and money back.
At the time, many young Liverpool groups had gravitated to the sister port city of Hamburg - where there was a lively music scene - but it was actually called the Hamburg Sound, declares Ulf Kruger, whose 96-page book tells the German side of these oftenmythical tales.
Hamburg is competing with other German cities, such as Munich and Berlin, to attract visitors.
Hamburg Airport is very much interested in keeping a close relationship with Emirates airline.
The government and business heart of Hamburg wraps itself like an onion around the watery core of the Alster.
When asked about her decision to give up her status as a principal dancer and audience favorite with SFB for the comparative anonymity of Hamburg Ballet, Loscavio explains, "You are looked at in a certain way when you have been born and raised in the same company.
Koonce appeared to retire May in time, but Hamburg ruled him safe.
9 April 2013 - The city of Hamburg demands that German container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd AG, in which it holds nearly 37%, and sector firm Hamburg Suedamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG, or Hamburg Sued, renew discussions to merge, Hamburg's economy minister Frank Horch told Reuters.
We are looking at Hamburg, which is the second largest container port in Europe, even though it is on a river and ours is on the sea," said Hesham Al Shirawi, vice president of Dubai Chamber of Commerce.
Although often invited over the years to design in Hamburg, this is the first commission the architects have accepted.
Hamburg Stale Opera House Hamburg, Germany June 22, 2003
It would be easy to write off Dan Hamburg as some quixotic candidate in the race for California governor.