hand back

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Woodville," he said, as he softly laid my hand back on my lap, "bear with an old fellow who worships your enchanting sex.
I waved my hand back and forth, of course without effect; but when the moving shadow fell across his face I saw at once that he was susceptible to the impression.
you say to this man: 'Hold out your hand, sir;' and when he has held it, you give him a smack for his pains, and put your own hand back in your pocket.
tis thy turn next (here he passed the bottle from his left hand back again to his right).
Marino has denied any wrongdoing over his expenses claims, but looking to end days of controversy, he announced late on Wednesday that he would hand back money he had run up on his official credit card since becoming mayor in 2013.
How much they will have to hand back will depend on the length of the gap.
The hand back of the trial mining land three and a half years after mining, with yield from the land being comparable to that of the unmined land, demonstrates the compatibility of bauxite mining with farming operations.
Because the people who run our country have not comprehension whatsoever of life outside their palatial homes and privileged backgrounds and Mr Smith is delusional in thinking that people will voluntarily hand back money.
The EU competition watchdog has demanded Hungarian flag-carrier airline Malev hand back tens of millions of euros and tens of billions of forints in illegally paid state aid.
If a sponsor refuses to hand back a passport, put him in the cells - not the victim.
Disgraced banker Sir Fred Goodwin is to hand back some of his pension