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HANDBILL. A printed or written notice put up on walls, &c., in order to inform those concerned of something to be done.

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Along with John Lennon's suit and hand bills from their early concerts, the Museum of Liverpool Life has a signed photograph from the Beatles to the girls from Childwall Valley High school.
Special Talk Shows on FM Radio, distribution of hand bills and placing banners would be other activities aimed at imparting awareness to public in this regard, he added.
RAWALPINDI, March 23, 2012 (Frontier Star): District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi Saqib Zafar has issued N0C to PHA for dropping 500000 hand bills through aero plane in connection with Dengue awareness campaign.
He said concrete steps also be taken to prohibit the distribution and sale of hate material including pamphlets, hand bills etc during the month of Muharram, throughout the province.
According to a press release, acting on the directives of Chief Minister, Chairman Monitoring Committee for Dengue Virus MNA Hanif Abbasi said banners should be displayed at important chowks of the city, pamphlets and hand bills would be distributed as awareness charts for the locals.
The minister also called for convening meetings at town offices to make a strategy to prevent Naegleria cases by ensuring needed chlorine quantity in water and by creating awareness among the people through print and electronic media, pamphlets and hand bills as well as by holding seminars.