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Being a hand book, it is not exhaustive in its contents.
Then at trial, the jury found that Compaq had copied The HAND Book, defeating Compaq's claim of independent creation.
But for me, there was always an extra thrill in acquiring a second hand book, sometimes with an exotic name written inside, sometimes with fond wishes from a mystery signature to a 'dear' receiver.
Ergonome is the publisher of a book entitled "Preventing Computer Injury: The HAND Book," based on a patented method of ergonomically safer keyboard technique invented by the concert pianist, Stephanie Brown.
The Area III region, anticipated to be a new drill target, is in close proximity to an extensive Newmont drill campaign that has been ongoing since October, 2003 and listed in Newmont's 2003 Information Hand Book (page 20 - Project Pipeline) as a major exploration target.
There is also the very popular second hand book stall in the Methodist Church, the adults' and children's fun-run, egg-throwing and tug of war.
A second hand book sale was also held with proceeds being donated to the Pakistan Flood Appeal.
The money was raised through the hall's second hand book shop.
The early editions, which are on sale for up to pounds 350, were found among dozens of other books handed in by kind-hearted donors to Oxfam's second hand book store in Harborne High Street.
Retired police officer Brian Walton, 52, said he recalled her handing in what appeared to be an piece of an instruction hand book but at the time did not realise the significance.
Tenders are invited for Printing And Supply Of "Sarala / Avalokana" Hand Book For Monitoring Officers For The Year 2014-15
20 publication of The HAND Book, which contains a new method for both the prevention of RSIs and re-training of the already injured.