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According to the police, a hand grenade went off in the hand of an alleged terrorist when he was making a terror plan in his house located in Ittehad Town, resultantly he died on the spot.
According to eye witnesses, the attackers aged between 14-15 opened firing and threw hand grenade at different chambers of lawyers and judges.
The army said that a hand grenade was discovered in Chtaura at the entrance of an abandoned building near the office of Zahle MP Assem Araji, a member of the political bloc Lebanon First.
He said according to an injured boy there were two hand grenades in the Naubahar canal and another boy took the second one somewhere.
PESHAWAR -- Unidentified miscreants hurled hand grenades on house of ex provincial minister for prisons in the premises of Gulbahar Police Station on Wednesday.
On the other hand, gunmen threw thermal hand grenades at Albo Ajeel Silo, east of Tikrit, killing one driver and a porter, as well as seriously wounding 3 others.
AFTER the shocking murder of two unarmed female police officers, we were told that hand grenades are now the "must have" weapon among villains - everything from British Army issued L109s to Yugoslavian M75s to homemade bombs.
Lot B of the order of 39,000 hand grenades reduced to dazzling effect lethality.
LANDIKOTAL -- Security Forces defused 3 Improvised Explosive Devices(IEDs) and 4 hand grenades in the subdivision of Landikotal Sadu Khel area here on Wednesday.
Altynok said the assailant was carrying an old long-range gun, a pistol and two hand grenades.
Karachi -- The city police recovered two hand grenades from a car parked on Super Highway near the main cattle market early Sunday morning, officials said.
Summary: BEIRUT: Four old hand grenades were found in a Batroun waste dump Sunday when one of them detonated, causing no injuries, according to security sources.