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The halogen light, the audio cassette, the first computer video game, soft contact lenses, the first handheld calculator, the first computer mouse and compact disk, were all products of the 60s.
The exhibit displays several artifacts, such as a collection of Kilby's photography, his original notebook of sketches and ideas for the integrated circuit, his Nobel Prize in Physics, the world's first microchip and the first handheld calculator.
Key features: LS-8TCG: 8-digit handheld calculator with large LCD, plus tax and currency conversion functions HS-1200TCG: 12-digit desktop calculator with angled LCD, plus tax and currency conversion functions TS-1200TCG: 12-digit desktop calculator with adjustable tilt LCD, plus tax and currency conversion functionsDemonstrating Canon's commitment to these products, each model comes with a three-year warranty instead of the standard one-year coverage.
Beginning in a Palo Alto garage, the company developed the first handheld calculator and the ink jet printer which helped transform the PC into a home consumer device.
Skip the math and let your handheld calculator figure out the tip.
No bigger than a handheld calculator, the ARC Freedom Antenna(R) gives users of cell phones, wireless laptops and other wireless devices clear, continuous communication with less static and fewer service interruptions whether inside a building or on the move.
DALLAS -- Thirty-five years ago Texas Instruments invented the electronic handheld calculator -- a product that has since been adapted for various audiences including engineering, finance, real estate, education and general purpose.
Professionals, students and educators in business, finance and real estate will find many useful applications, functions and features in this handheld calculator, including: