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Hard Luck is joining what is now a $500 million enterprise.
An excerpt from Hard Luck Larry; “His wounds were nearly healed from the unfortunate beating he had suffered at the hands of an old blind man with his white cane in the bus station waiting room last month.
We've created a strong and loyal fan base for Hard Luck Candy Vodka since we started the brand just three years ago," said Chris George, Chief Operating Officer of Hard Luck Candy Vodka.
FOR-GET 3 ABOUT IT Foran wants a change of fortune after watching his side dogged by hard luck
The book starts off slow and with an all too familiar hard luck story, but in Jones's sad tale of woe, instead of daddy leaving, it was his mother who abandoned young Quincy and his siblings.
Taking top honors, a Double Gold Medal, in the "Soda Pop/Candy" category was Michigan-based Hard Luck Candy Vodka Root Beer Barrel.
I have no problem with genuine claimants but these people should be stripped of all benefits and if they end up starving on the street, hard luck.
Fortune also failed to favour Scotland's youth team, with one lost fish costing them silver, but there were no hard luck stories for the seniors, who finished last after a disastrous second day.
But if your wheelie bin's handles are not facing the road, hard luck they won't empty your bin.
Hard luck, Linds, but that's no excuse for going out wearing scruffy layers that look like knickers over your leggings.
MIDDLESBROUGH skipper Gareth Southgate is fed up with hard luck stories and won't settle for anything other than victory when Spurs come calling today.
The manager blamed a combination of hard luck and a momentary lack of concentration for his side's 100% home record coming to an end.