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To better resist surface staining and etching, apply a penetrating sealer and then a hard wax, such as carnauba wax, or a newer natural-synthetic blend.
Another service is CAD data transfer, which enables Signicast to build hard wax injection tools from customers' CAD files - in some cases in as few as three days.
Licensed and trained providers will use natural, non-sticky hard wax which is applied almost at body temperature therefore avoiding irritation to the skin from the heat which will then provide a relatively painless experience.
If the cause is not fluid but a build-up of hard wax, it's advisable to speak to the pharmacist or GP who may prescribe ear drops which will help soften it.
Because the hard wax sits on the surface of the page, thermal wax transfer printers yield more brilliant color but require special paper.
The exclusive four-step Comfort Wax[TM] system, which employs a hard wax that clings to hair, not skin.