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The hardening tests are done on two types of medium carbon steels with the same carbon content and different initial microstructures and alloying contents shown in Table 1.
The challenge for Bodycote in Venlo was that the hardening oil was extremely difficult to wash off the items.
These different polyols can also have a dramatic effect on recrystallization or hardening of the polymer.
The aim is to apply the self-simi larity method to the specified Rockwell indenter geometry and offer an efficient solution for describing strain hardening and strain rate-dependent materials.
Since the terrorist attacks, the property/casualty market's rate hardening has accelerated because the insurance capacity in the marketplace has become strained, said Jack Sinnott, chief executive officer and chairman of Marsh inc.
Diesel engine builders have been induction hardening crankshaft bearing journals since the 1940s, and the process became nearly universal in the '60s with the demand for more power from existing engine designs.
Friction between the tool and the part is the greatest source of heat on the part and this heat causes work hardening.
Everyone's body has glucose and everyone's arteries naturally begin hardening with age, in some people as early as their teens.
Hardening of the arteries had been thought of as an immutable part of the aging process.
Work hardening by definition is the distortion of the existing crystal structure by applying stresses in a part or sample.
A special type of compression molding and thermal hardening help to limit damage to the coating.