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Cheshire Chief Constable Peter Fahy said hate crime "creates distrust" and is "very much a Cheshire issue".
12,084 That's the number of sexual orientation-related hate crimes reported nationally over the past decade.
While Young agrees that criminal sanctions are necessary, he insists that "the use of the law as a tool of coercive persuasion" is an insufficient remedy: "Just as some cancers require invasive surgery, the hate crime needs intrusive measures.
While Sikh Americans were among the main targets of the hate crime epidemic, the media failed, in many instances to mention them in the headlines of news stories examining the issue.
Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reporting Program, Hate Crime Statistics 2000 (Washington, DC, 2001).
Hate Crime only manages to deliver a definitive account of the tragedy that can ensue when they do not.
Three learning modules are presented, intended for use in instruction of law enforcement personnel on hate crime variables.
Neither of these killings was deemed a hate crime, and neither would be designated as such under any existing hate-crime law.
Twenty-one states plus the District of Columbia include crimes based on sexual orientation under hate crime statutes, while 19 do not.
National proponents of hate crime laws were quick to pass judgment: Wyoming, rather than being "The Equality State" - Wyoming's official motto, adopted after it became the first state in the nation to grant women the right to vote - was really the "Hate State.
Last year congressional Democrats introduced the Federal Hate Crimes Protection Act, legislation supported by President Bill Clinton, that would add disability, gender and sexual orientation to the list of protected groups.
an African American congressman who recounted his experiences with bigotry during the 1960s civil rights battles, said of hate crime, "This is real.