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She is having fun right now and that's all that matters to her.
It's clearly a labor of love, but they wouldn't do it if they weren't having fun.
It was no secret that the songstress was out on the town having fun as she Tweeted pics of her having fun with the whole crew.
Nurses who are having fun at work may well be exhibiting the single most important trait of highly effective and successful employees.
The pictures show my 12-yearold son Bradley Henderson in our front garden having fun with his friends before trick or treating.
Time doesn't fly when you're having fun: The fact that we intuitively believe time flies when we're having fun may have more to do with how time seems to slow when we're not having fun.
Pictured below, having fun with Lego and drinking milk, is Jessica Elliott PLAY DAY: Zac Barkley shows off his Lego creation, right, while Summer Hudman is pictured above KEEPING BUSY: Isobel Kirton, paints, left, and reads with her friend Chloe Gilsenan, above.
We are looking for pictures of you and your family having fun and we will be publishing a gallery from this year's bonfire events in the paper and on our website next week.
Washington, Jan 28 (ANI): 'The King's Speech' star Helena Bonham Carter has admitted that she has made a few fashion mistakes on the red carpet but insisted fashion is all about having fun and mismatching.
A survey of 2,000 adults by restaurant chain TGI Friday's found that one in three believed having their manager around stops everyone having fun.
Summary: Britons are a nation of party animals who spend Au75 billion a year on having fun - more than two-and-a-half times more than 10 years ago.
You're just here to stop me having fun," he bellowed last night before storming upstairs and spinning a CD full blast that sounded like an industrial triphammer.