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Known for providing images and intelligence in the War on Terror for the past five years, the program is just beginning operations with the arrival of the first Global Hawk at Beale Air Force Base in Northern California.
In November 2001, the Air Force deployed Global Hawk ACTD hardware to Southwest Asia to meet an urgent Central Command request for persistent, broad-area reconnaissance and surveillance for Operation Enduring Freedom.
Again and again, for more than two decades, the neocon hawks have called it right.
The most common tactic was the "surprise pounce," in which many different hawks would dive at the rabbit from different directions, confusing it until one hawk could get a clean shot at the animal.
The two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft have flown about 50 missions since going overseas to replace the prototype Global Hawk that had been pressed into combat duty following the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
In tests mandated by Congress, the Global Hawk showed that it could track low-flying aircraft and small boats in demonstration flights along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Northrop Grumman announced Monday.
In granting the certificate, the Air Force determined that the Global Hawk system has a proven track record of safe and reliable operations.