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There they will operate as the Mettis Aerospace Group, headed by HDA chief executive Dr Tony Scanlon.
Dr Scanlon, who headed the buy-out team two years ago, said that NatWest Equity Partner's involvement with HDA Forgings had provided the solid financial support and accessibility to funds which had enabled the company both to grow further and develop new markets.
HDA and Woodruff-Sawyer are the largest independent brokerage firms in Atlanta and San Francisco, respectively.
TELENET was acquired by HDA in late 1994 for the primary purpose of ensuring the availability of live television coverage of El Comandante races throughout Puerto Rico, where there are approximately 670 off-track betting (OTB) agencies.
The Zamage HDA High Definition Artprint print is the next step in high resolution museum quality art and photography digital fine art prints.
ECOC leases the track and pays HDA 25 percent of wagering commissions as rent.
We are excited to see forensic labs start to use our HDA system in their DNA analysis work.
HDA expects to use approximately $8 million of the proceeds from the two sales of TELENET to reduce outstanding Mortgage Note indebtedness of HDA, although some portion may be reinvested in HDA's business.
We believe that the HDA system is creating a new era of molecular diagnostics.
I believe our HDA system could be adopted easily in many laboratories doing HLA genotyping work," he continued.
Pre-bid meeting in the Board Room of the office of CEO, HDA, Haldia : 10.