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Since very long this compound is known for its effectiveness against HeLa cells (Di Marco et al.
After application of five different iminothiazolidinone derivatives (Compound A-E) to HeLa cell line for 24, 48 and 72 h, antimitotic effects of all treatments were evaluated with mitotic index analysis.
As evidenced by MTT assay, GNPs inhibit proliferation of HeLa cells in dose-dependent GNPs and cytotoxicity of GNPs in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell (BMSCs) was lower than cancerous cells.
Triterpenoids from Schisandra henryi with cytotoxic effect on leukemia and Hela cells in vitro," Archives ofPharmacal Research, vol.
Poly(A)-containing mRNA of HeLa cells and precursor hnRNA were examined for their 5'-terminal structure after [sup.
Since we had determined that TLR4 was present in cervical tissues and could therefore mediate inflammatory signalling in the cervical mucosa, we next investigated the impact of LPS stimulation on HIV receptor expression in cervical epithelial cells, using HeLa cells as a model system.
This study is also very similar to our method of study in that the methanol and aqueous extracts of the samples which were investigated in cytotoxicity way revealed that among the samples, Anabaena ISC 90 and Anabaena ISC 55 samples of the methanol extract and Anabaena 88 sample of the aqueous extract had a greater impact on HeLa cell lines.
The effect of the different extracts on HeLa cells was studied over a 3-h period.
Working with members of the Lacks family, the University of Washington is the first to publish information on the HeLa cells under the new guidelines.
In the present study we investigated the effect of chromium, cadmium and arsenic on HeLa cells.
Readers learn not just about HeLa cells and John Moore but also about the development of polio vaccine, HIPAA, the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital cancer studies, and the history of Johns Hopkins hospital.