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Packages of Sea Smoke bacon and head cheese make for fantastic fridge-stuffers.
In 2010, hog head cheese was associated with 8 listeriosis cases in Louisiana (25), and celery in a diced chicken salad was associated with an outbreak of 10 cases among hospitalized patients in Texas (34).
FESTIVE FOOD: While turkey is out in our house, it's still a more tempting prospect than Czech fried carp (above) or Swedish head cheese (below)
To serve: Slice head cheese into four 1 -inch-thick slices.
The dozens of items currently available for private labeling range from Bavarian bratwurst and bologna to cotto salami and head cheese (hot or mild).
The brand name will be split into two lines, while the image of head cheese grader Kevin Beer is also included on-pack.
Also on the plate is a square of rich duck liver pate, slivers of dark bresaola, head cheese, olives and a little crock of grain mustard.
Michael Scott, head cheese steward at Market of Choice, says freezing cheese will almost always cause the texture to turn grainy.
Ham hocks and beans and head cheese were favorites.
Salami cotto are precooked sausages, such as head cheese or the aforementioned mortadella and franks.
Licensee Garth Jukes started producing two varieties of King's Head cheese - Cheshire with chives, and Cheddar - both featuring the pub's branding, two months ago.