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Limitations of neurological assessment in mild head injury.
He said: "The head injury rehabilitation service is shamefully inadequate compared with other countries.
Because the effects of head injury vary greatly from person to person, it is equally important to determine a detailed analysis of the tasks that the person can and cannot perform.
Historically, as in ICD-9-CM, there have been attempts to equate the severity of head injury with the depth and loss of consciousness, as was done in the GCS and other diagnostic criteria.
advocacy training program for participants and was also employed to train the peer service coordinators in April 1993 through a 2-day workshop sponsored by the Colorado Head Injury Foundation.
So the knowledge about the causes and pattern of head injury may be extremely helpful in making preventive policies.
Further, Stoddard and Zimmerman examined the proximal relationship between a head injury and violent behavior.
In all, 40 percent of people (305) who had sustained a head injury were dead within 13 years of the event.
When a minor head injury has occurred, it may take some time for the symptoms to show.
SURVIVORS of serious head injury can have multiple problems - physical, mental, emotional, behavioural, social and economic.
The pilot at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is being conducted to assess whether head injury patients really benefit from the drugs.
GRIFFITH PARK - A 40-year-old North Hollywood hiker was rescued from a remote part of Griffith Park on Thursday, four days after he fell down a cliff and suffered a serious head injury.