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As per education sources Chief Minister Punjab has announced reward for the headmasters on showing good result in examination and punishment on showing poor result to improve education standard in government schools.
After explaining that headmasters are not authorized to announce grades on the e-okul system, he stated: "Teachers are on vacation in the summer.
for representatives of educational institutions and improving headmasters / institutions and the members of the project team, within the framework of the project entitled .
So much for headmasters being able to foresee if their charges will accomplish anything in life.
382 school headmasters, assistant headmasters and personnel concerned with school management from educational supervision departments, human resources development across the Sultanate and directors General and advisors will take part in the forum.
So, you have two strong headmasters with very different approaches to teaching on the same patch and that is going to cause friction.
50 per cent off a haircut and blow-dry at Headmasters salons
Officers working as Deputy Headmasters and Headmistress have been awarded posts of Secondary Schools Teachers while Vice Principals were awarded posts of Senior Schools Teachers.
Other headmasters at the school have included Mr R Beaumont (1963-77), Mr B I Evans and Mr B Conchie.
FEARS that the recession would spark an exodus of pupils from private schools are proving unfounded, with numbers holding steady this year, headmasters say.
The Arnold Club was set up by a group of city headmasters as far back as 1869 and has remained in existence ever since.
C[pounds sterling]Teachers are not interested in leaving their post to be promoted to headmaster because the position does not have the appropriate pay scale to match the amount of responsibilities that come with the position,C[yen] commented Gloria Sepou, President of the Association of Secondary School Headmasters (SEDMEK).