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Australia-based Calvary Health Care has said that it has terminated health insurance contracts with 25 private health insurance firms.
To be sure, there are problems with the health insurance contracts we purchase, and we discussed some of those as well.
For its part, Health Net reported that it paid out claims in excess of $200 million in 2006 and that its program of tying bonuses to number of rescinded health insurance contracts has been dropped.
Because of its size, Calpers is among the nation's most-coveted health insurance contracts.
Some patients, armed with their health insurance contracts, enlist support from their employer's human resources department to clarify and receive their contracted mental health coverage.
Lakdawala and Sood note that this view of health insurance contracts has several novel implications: 1) medical care monopolies may have smaller or no deadweight costs in the goods market, because insured consumers face low co-payments; 2) since monopolists have incentives to seek low co-payments, price regulation of health care monopolies is inferior to laissez-faire or simple tax-and-transfer schemes that redistribute monopoly profits; and 3) competitive health insurance markets or optimally designed public health insurance can eliminate static losses in the goods market while still improving dynamic efficiency in the innovation market.
In addition to his interpersonal skills, the single most important contribution he made to the county was the renegotiation of our health insurance contracts, saving the county millions of dollars.
On that date, Capital had more than 23,000 group health insurance contracts outstanding, covering more than 12,000 insured groups.
These include political considerations and the incentive problems peculiar to health insurance contracts.
Morreim advocates abandoning the vague catch-all insurance language of "medical necessity" in favor of a more detailed and precise description of the specific resources and procedures that doctors are obligated to secure for their patients under the terms of their health insurance contracts.
The lengthy 6fie describes what this SOP covers, but just as important is what it does not cover: Although it applies to all entities, it exempts long-duration life and health insurance contracts.
The panel also called for disputes between patients and their health maintenance organizations to be reviewed independently and for establishing standardized health insurance contracts so consumers can better choose among competing plans.

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