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About Health Consumer Alliance The Health Consumer Alliance is a partnership of consumer assistance programs operated by community-based legal service organizations.
Health Consumer Powerhouse is the leading European healthcare analyst and consumer information provider.
The Health Consumer Alliance not only provides needed one-on-one assistance but also translates chaos into recommendations for system-wide improvements.
In 2007, part of a joint venture we will publish a Canadian Health Consumer Index, ranking the public healthcare at province level.
Along with this, a movement of mental health consumer activism has led to consumer-run businesses and other vocational services delivered by and to consumers.
We, as the Lane Mental Health Consumer Advisory Council, strongly encourage this.
The EHCI has become a measurement standard for European healthcare, judging six areas key to the health consumer.
This result represents a step down from Cyprus' performance in the 2008 Euro Health Consumer and Heart Indexes, where Cyprus achieved 13th and 18th place respectively," said the report.
Tenders are invited for Conducting the New Hampshire Public Mental Health Consumer Survey
In April, the Truven Health Consumer Healthcare Sentiment Index jumped to a record high of 103, before leveling off to 102 in May, then 100 in June.
Of the 33 indicators assessed in the Euro Health Consumer Index, Cyprus has a good rating in six areas, moderate in 11, poor in 13 important areas," she said.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has said that it is planning to develop a new health consumer payment service.

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