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HEALTH OFFICER. The name of an officer invested with power to enforce the health laws. The powers and duties of health officers are regulated by local laws.

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In carrying out these duties, the Health Officer was expected to ensure that there were 'no needless vexations to individuals or avoidable interruptions to trade'.
Mary's Care Program [Long Beach] * Whittier Rio Hondo AIDS Project * Women Alive (consumer organization) Associations * Health Officers Association of California * California Conference of Local AIDS Directors (CCLAD) * California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO) * Physicians for HIV Control
The airport health officer will have to discard food found to be unhygienic, adulterated or unsafe for human consumption.
ENVIRONMENTAL health officers had to obtain a warrant to break into an Anglesey property to switch off a burglar alarm.
Steve Jennings, animal health officer at Wrexham Council, said: "His dog disappeared into some trees and began barking.
Wednesday at the University of Oregon School of Law, Room 175 at 1515 Agate St; guest presenters will include state epidemiologist and acting State Health Officer Dr.
Within VCHA is the Office of the Medical Health Officer.
C), District Health Officer (DHO) and Health Regulatory Authority (HRA) for launching a grand operation against quacks and unregistered medical stores.
E-cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals, and the nicotine in them is as addictive as the nicotine in cigarettes," said Ron Chapman, MD, MPH, then-state health officer and director of the California Department of Public Health, in a news release.
On the occasion Lakki Marwat EPI coordinator Dr Hafeezullah and Bannu district health officer presented a detailed briefing on the performance of health institutions in their respective area of jurisdiction.
HAVE YOUR SAY She said: "Following a routine inspection by an environmental health officer, we have voluntarily agreed to the closure of our premises in Lord Street while issues relating to hygiene are addressed.
The enforcement notice was served on the Chunky Steak House in Manchester Road early last week after magistrates were told it was found to be littered with mouse droppings when an environmental health officer called to check.
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