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23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- World Tea Media is launching Healthy Beverage Expo, a brand new trade show that's dedicated to supporting and fueling the healthy drink segment of the beverage market.
The Healthy Drinks Project, established in 1986, has made the Tea Council the leading authority on healthy drinking.
owater is an independently-owned company based in Concord, Massachusetts that makes healthy drinks for active people, including unsweetened owater, infused owater and sport owater lines.
The Tickle the Tastebuds group is teaching around 40 children from the Thorntree area how to make delicious, healthy drinks throughout January.
Shona Robison, the party's health supremo, wants VAT on fizzy drinks such as Irn Bru to be higher than the duty on healthy drinks.
BRITVIC has said the growing demand for healthy drinks such as water and fruit juice offset a downturn in sales at its struggling fizzy drinks arm last year.
We are also providing healthy drinks and fruit to show how exercise and diet can improve health.
But I think the climate has changed anyway and healthy drinks are proving popular
The 32-page guide, called Vending Healthy Drinks, is based on the results of an 18-month study into running healthy drinks machines.
Still, for refreshing and healthy drinks, nothing beats homemade iced tea.
Hamilton Beach is hoping to appeal to busy families with a new brochure, "On-the-Go Healthy Drinks.

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