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Birmingham, a modern city of a million people, might be exposed as a place where, heaven forfend, naked women can be glimpsed in a club licensed by the council.
I have a solution for the problems confronting what's left of the pathetic Democratic Party and those spineless members who are wringing their hands over the party not being ``centrist'' enough and even daring - heaven forfend - to criticize Bush: Dissolve the party and regroup around California's own Nancy Pelosi, one of the few Democrats with spunk who is not interested in leaping on Bush's insane bandwagon.
I should perhaps clarify that I mean "right-thinking" in the sense of "correct" (though not, heaven forfend, politically correct) rather than as an indicator of my own allegiance.
Heaven forfend that you "topped" their laugh, scripted or otherwise.
So heaven forfend that I would enjoy watching Lord Grantham erupt in horror when his youngest daughter wants to marry the cute Irish chauffeur.
Last year's four-hour meeting about Lindley Moor got rather ragged, particularly in the last hour with residents angrily denouncing Kirklees officers, councillors and - Heaven forfend - even this humble columnist.
Not to mention all the hard work of lugging your backpack around and sleeping in a hostel or - heaven forfend - a tent.
top tipple HEAVEN forfend that the sons of Albion are knocked out of the World Cup.
HEAVEN forfend that anyone could fail to recognise the egocentricity of the ECHO's contributor Pete Price.
There are numerous surveys placing journalists amongst the ranks of used-car salesmen, estate agents and, heaven forfend, politicians when it comes to trust.
We were compelled to swallow John McCloy's reasoning in 1944: heaven forfend that we do likewise with that of Rabbi Waskow now.