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variable level Highest frequency sex male 95/2% Age (year) 40 to 60 44/3% education diploma 34/5% Number of members 3 to 4 50/7% Gardening experience (year) Younger than 10 45/4% Area raised (hecter) 1 to 5 hecter 52/5% Amount of harvest (tons) 1 to 10 tons 83/6% Annual gardening income 1 to 5 million toman 52% (million tomans) Total annual income 10 to 20 million toman 60/7% (million tomans) Gardening costs Lower than 1 million 69/2% (million tomans) Table 2: The study of the significance of constructing variables in factors influencing the present marketing system of citrus.
resigned as member for Minister of Abitibi to allow Hecter Colonisation, Mines and Authier, a pioneer of the Fisheries region to enter the legislative assembly 1931 Camillien Houde (Cons.
But Wolves battled back to reach 222 for six from 59 overs, with skipper and overseas star Benji Hecter scoring 100 exactly.