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Topper R, Schwarz M, Lange HW, Hefter H and Noth J (1998): Neurophysiological abnormalities in the Westphal variant of Huntington's disease.
Khalifa Hafter (also written Hifter, Hefter or Huftur).
Evan Funke, the new executive chef at Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen, hails from Spago Beverly Hills,where he worked with Lee Hefter and Wolfgang Puck.
Duc HH, Hefter H, Stremmel W, Castaneda-Guillot C, Hernandez Hernandez A, Cox DW, et al.
When you first meet chef Lee Hefter and hear his gruff voice and he shakes your hand in a way that makes you think, that's gonna leave a bruise, you might assume he's one of those guys--only he's emphatically not.
2003 FOOD & WINE THEME CRUISES Chart Compiled By Lorraine & Phil Shapiro CRUISE LINE GUEST CHEF WINE LECTURER VOYAGE CRUISE SHIP AFFILIATION AFFILIATION EMBARKS CRYSTAL CRUISES Crystal/ Adam Fellow Anne Stewart January 21 Harmony Charlton House Emilio Lusteau Hotel Sherries TBA * Steve Mutkoski March 23 Cornell University Florian Trento Eugenio Jardim March 31 Peninsula, Jardiniere Hong Kong Lee Hefter Eugenio Jardim June 14 Spago Jardiniere TBA * Jay James, M.
Three unusual cases are those of Vincenz Hundhausen (1878-1955), John Hefter (1890-1953), and Leonardo Olschki (1885-1961).
Safire's chef and co-owner Michael Muirhead, who was sous chef under Lee Hefter at the Beverly Hills Spago for three years, shows his talented hand in plate presentation, ingredient selection and general cooking expertise.
Disguise, Tara Hefter, VP Global Licensing, 424-268-9549, thefter@jakks.