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While reluctant to embrace the full spectrum of American culture, and while conscious of the hegemonial ways of the West, the new Arab-American generation can and do interact with the West without fearing it.
fact, established her as the hegemonial power in Europe, hence, a
At that point, the United States will proceed to use this capability to enforce its hegemonial will upon the rest of the world.
In its submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) inquiry into the Kyoto protocol, the Society claimed that: The scientific establishment which grew prosperous and powerful on global warming, has fought back in an attempt to maintain its hegemonial position.
Here the country of origin of the bidder also assumes an importance of its own: airport operators from smaller countries, such as Denmark or Belgium, can stand better chances of scoring well, as they are not perceived as being hegemonial, rather as being integrative and stakeholder-oriented.