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8) Coalitions evolved that tried to combat a hegemonial state like France in the 17th century, or in the 20th century, Germany.
Because of the history of racism and the hegemonial status of the U.
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All three were anchored in hegemonial states, and Perlmutter's description of their efforts to mobilize resources in pursuit of their goals is, as he readily admits, "inspired to some extent by neorealist theories," but he hastens to add that he puts more emphasis on ideology as a source of power than do any of the "realists" (xii).
With the exceptions of the latter polities, the Frankish Empire was hegemonial.
85-6) is that 'to reproach the British government with shortsightedness or an inability to distinguish Hitler's racial imperialism from the deeply patriotic revisionism of the resistance misses the point' in that 'it rashly elevates an ex post facto interpretation of Whitehall's policy between 1937 and 1939 to the rank of historical truth' and also 'expects foreign nations to view the opposition's promotion of traditional Prussian-German hegemonial policy as an acceptable alternative to Hitler's ambitions'.
How did Philip transform his struggling nation on the periphery of the Greek world into a strong and wealthy kingdom that not only absorbed the Thracian littoral but also subjected continental Greece to hegemonial federalism?
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