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But United States retained the status of Hegemon till September 11,2001 terrorist attacks on American soil which targeted American heartland(New York and Washington D.
As a realist scholar, Gilpin for example, emphasized the importance of economic power and cooperation through multinational corporations, whereby the hegemon is aided by a degree of consent to its leadership.
45) David Capie, "Between a Hegemon and a Hard Place: The 'War on Terror' and Southeast Asian-US Relations", The Pacific Review 17, no.
As many authors have argued, international hegemony arises in a semi-anarchical world, and its merits or demerits have to be judged by examining what the hegemon does, and by comparing the hegemonic arrangement with the available alternatives.
Before comparing various concepts regarding emerging non-OECD countries and analyzing the role of regional hegemons in detail, the paper outlines a hierarchy of powers in order to fit emerging non-OECD countries within it.
The context will be framed according to the theoretical perspective provided by the hegemonic stability, since both events are seen as signs of the crisis of the role of the US as the sole world hegemon.
The US is the hegemon that designed the UN system, a characteristic of hegemons.
It seems reasonable to infer that they therefore contemplate an occupation lasting decades, until the hegemon is able finally to certify the Iraqi people pure and free of atavistic nationalism and irrationalist fundamentalism, and ready for democracy.
The world of the nineteenth century, when hegemons could impose their order, their institutions, has been supplanted by the world of the twenty-first century: Where once there was order, there is now often a vacuum.
Finally, the global hegemon especially seeks to control the behavior of regional hegemons in regions rich in geostrategic significance and natural resources.
Furthermore, it is commonly known that hegemons bear the seeds of their own destruction.