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Great Britain led the victors over Napoleon and it remained the European hegemon.
28:2 (1984): 5-22; Joanne Gowa, "Rational Hegemons, Excludable Goods and Small Groups," World Politics, vol.
If you are not standoffish in this way, your other two choices are hegemony, as either the hegemon or the hegemonee, or imperium, either running the imperium or being imperiumed.
It seems reasonable to infer that they therefore contemplate an occupation lasting decades, until the hegemon is able finally to certify the Iraqi people pure and free of atavistic nationalism and irrationalist fundamentalism, and ready for democracy.
Finally, the global hegemon especially seeks to control the behavior of regional hegemons in regions rich in geostrategic significance and natural resources.
This is particularly the case when the hegemon explicitly sets about "making trouble" for those who fail to conform to its preferences.
Rather than acting as mere conduits for central directives, they had to develop creative responses to real-life exigencies: peasants had to be exploited but not pushed into flight or rebellion; samurai retainers had to be rewarded but not allowed to develop independent power bases; and hegemons had to be accommodated without compromising local autonomy or losing flexibility in a volatile political and military environment.
Similarly, regional hegemons in fear of domestic reverberations demonstrate the continued ability to exact increasing costs on a would be democratizer.
He said hegemonic powers try "to portray themselves as invincible, but Iran and Sri Lanka's experiences show that resistance against colonialists and hegemons is possible".
The United States is the least bad of all possible hegemons because American institutions and culture embody liberal values.
A more reasonable assessment would suggest that indigenous forces fighting for what they believe to be their sovereignty and their liberation from foreign invaders or hegemons are more likely to succeed in the end because they tend to fight in their own communities and with greater intensity.
Haass foresees the emergence of a nonpolar world with no dominant nation or alliance, but instead several major powers and a host of regional hegemons.