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Matthews argues that critics have categorized women settlers in one of two ways: as cheerful helpmates, typified by the "dauntless optimism" of Catherine Parr Traill, or as glum complainers, as in many depictions of Susanna Moodie.
Hughes also praised "those who have been left behind", Annie Ricketts and Antonia Deuters, whom he said were "women of indomitable spirit who, as well as having very busy lives of their own, were stalwart supporters and helpmates of their respective husbands in every way".
The authors also argue that baseball perpetuates a patriarchal order in which women are to serve as helpmates to their husbands/boyfriends/athletes and aid in their adjustment to a corporate industrial state.
First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson and Par Nixon as noncontroversial helpmates is the subject of Chapter 4.
A revised copy of the original 1959 publication, with new stories about working dogs and helpmates added (and a few of the old stories that came across as dated removed), Cold Noses and Warm Hearts: Beloved Dog Stories by Great Authors is an anthology of short stories and excerpts celebrating man's best friend by a wide variety of well-known writers, from E.
An unlikely crew of helpmates joins Danny Ray along the way: the devilish Tuk, adolescent Prince Blue, Captain Quigglewigg, spunky Cherry, a dragonfly princess named Karoo Kachoo, even The White Lady.
When George Lucas pulled off his early surprise hits like "American Graffiti" and "Star Wars," he saw to it that several of his helpmates became instant millionaires.
Instead of the communication of these sauces as convenient kitchen helpmates that promise great taste, there is a greater emotional focus on the fun to be had in the preparation.
Central to the Vichy vision, Muel-Dreyfus argues, was the eternal female, ever supportive, fertile, and pure, in a timeless social and moral order where women were mothers, the helpmates of men, and guardians of moral probity.
Thus, in varying ways, have religion and medical science gone from being strangers to competitors and, most recently, even helpmates.
It would make a great gift and token of appreciation to those wonderful helpmates without whom our military careers would be almost impossible.
Robots may ultimately evolve from today's slavish helpmates into the future's commanding state-builders.