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HERALDRY, civil and canon law. The art or office of a herald. It is the art, practice, or science of recording genealogies, and blazoning arms or ensigns armorial. It also teaches whatever relates to the marshaling of cavalcades, processions, and other public ceremonies. Encyc.; Ridley's View of the Civil and Canon Law, pt. 2, c. 1, Sec. 6.

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to place the vanquished beside the victor were false heraldry.
Here and there a Hatchment, with the whole science of Heraldry in it, loomed down upon the street, like an Archbishop discoursing on Vanity.
If a question in heraldry were started, Athos knew all the noble families of the kingdom, their genealogy, their alliances, their coats of arms, and the origin of them.
The whole of heraldry and of chivalry is in courtesy.
Featuring stunning artwork by renowned illustrator Kim Jacobs, her retelling of this classic Brothers Grimm fairytale also contains an author's note with fascinating details on family heraldry and mute swans.
What word in heraldry describes an inverted v-shape?
Among the areas they consider are area studies, genealogy and heraldry, library and information science and publishing and bookselling, language and linguistics, philosophy and religion, and health sciences.
More specifically, the author calls on a number of art forms which belong, precisely, to Elizabethan England: heraldry, emblems, book illumination, religious painting, stained glass, and certain theatrical forms like the Elizabethan and Jacobean masque.
Jovan Jonovski from the Macedonian Heraldry Society agrees with the government proposal of replacing the present coats of arms with a new one.
In the arcane terminology of heraldry, the coat of arms is the design that appears on the shield or escutcheon, the whole achievement including the crest, helm, supporters and motto.
Trainee knights and would-be warrior princesses can learn the arts of heraldry and archery.
The Georgian Lari Sign Temporary Commission, consisting of representatives of NBG, the Budget and Finance Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, the State Council of Heraldry, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (all 12 members) has chosen 5 best signs out of 231 presented.