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HERBAGE, English Law, A species of easement, which consists in the right to feed one's cattle on another man's ground.

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In this zone, the measured herbage uptake process may account for up to 27% of the applied urine N.
On these pages, Herbage uses silver foliage to reimagine traditional holiday decorations, creating dusty miller place settings, juniper gift toppers, and a wreath of silver dollar eucalyptus and tillandsia "snowflakes.
The bottomland herbage (mean peak standing crop; oven-dry biomass) was 1,597 [+ or -] 1,769 kg/ ha.
Herbage, phosphorus, and nitrogen yields of winter-season forages on high-phosphorus soil.
Herbage samples were divided in two sub-samples, one to determine dry matter and another to evaluate plant components which were separated for green leaf blade (GLB), stem + green sheath (SGS) and dead material (DMT).
Fresh matter yield was estimated from harvesting herbage from 2 m x 2 m quadrat in the central rows of each plot.
Constantin, president and chief executive officer of Herbage Realty Services.
Each section was examined using a stereomicroscope (Wild, Leitz Ltd, Herbage, Switzerland) at a magnification of 40x by two investigators/researchers who were unaware of the group types.
Indeed, Xuancai's stance has also been followed by other companies such as Shanghai-based Sinoway Herbage Cosmetics and Sichuan province-based Cortry Cosmetics: both are famous for the skincare products in China.
EVERY cloud has a silver lining, but for Jim and Mary McDonald of Herbage Stud, there must have been plenty of moments during the early life of their homebred Ezilla when that looked unlikely, writes Nancy Sexton.