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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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When the customer comes to us, they are introduced to a range of Spectra[R] polyethylene fibers and high-performance fabric constructions; Spectra Shield[R] and GoldFlex[R] technologies that employ polyethylene and aramid fibers, respectively; as well as composite systems that employ a range of materials, resins and processing systems for making helmets, breast plates, tactical shields, vehicle and aircraft armor, and the like," says Herceg.
Herceg suggests also using the "Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-3rd Edition," a pen-and-paper test.
Comercial development: eco camp site--Malta, Herceg Novi
In Vitez, the gist of Kordic's speech was a statement to the Muslims of the Lacva Valley that this was Croat land and that they had to accept that this was Herceg Bosna.
Ante Kaleb contributed six; while four players had three, including Miskovic, Mirko Herceg, Stipe Mandalinic and Jurica Vidacek.
The second paper is by Ivana Herceg and Vedran Sosic, both of whom are on the staff of the Croatian National Bank.
You wouldn't know where to start, from the heights of the beautiful mount Durmitor, (which is just being con nected with a new road to Boka Kotorska), through the picturesque National Parks Lake Biograd, Lovcen, Lake Skadar and the beautiful stretch of coastline, from Herceg Novi to Ada Bojana, near Ulcinj.
This book is a compilation of presentations and papers delivered at the 5th International Congress of "Dijalog povjesnicara-istoricara," held 2-4 March 2001 in Herceg Novi.
WYOMING--Brianna Best, Janine Blatt, Josh Brown, Kim Carroll, Amy Christensen, Darrell Collins, Alfred Costello, Loa Dickinson, Kristi Flury, Rhoda Frailey, Leonard Gaines, Ladeana Goldberg, Courtney Herceg, Duane Heyrman, Karen Jassman, Patricia Kirk, Deb Lynch, Marlena Miller, Kelly Newman, Jacque Peach, Leslie Perkins, Timothy Rysell, Danielle Shields, Barbara Tuttle, Kendra Wardlaw
MKOD 2011 Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 29 Jun 2011, 134-140.
The fort belongs to Herceg Stjepan after whom the whole region is named: Herzegovina.