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The herd instinct was a prime factor in a number of financial disasters, most recently the 2000 to 2001 "tech wreck.
There is a lot of optimism in the market, and investors, driven by herd instinct, don't want to be left out,'' said a dealer at a local brokerage in Singapore.
Part of it was excessive exuberance on the part of the lenders and the part of the borrowers in Asia and a lot of herd instinct on the part of U.
The herd instinct and the lack of overseas investment opportunities in the 1980s caused developers to create a patchwork of shoddy, half-empty suburban malls.
Herd instinct created the stock market bubble and herd instinct will cause that bubble to pop.
The unflattering canine term is applied to horses who, either through a retention of the herd instinct or just pure laziness, refuse to run as fast as they can.
The obviously dramatic "discovery" of the prevalence of adult ADD triggered the tremendous herd instinct of the media to report, uncritically, on the claim that it was a significant problem -- especially when left untreated -- among Americans.
Called Herd Instinct, it uses 3,000 pounds of bronze that have been sculpted into "escaping" Queen Anne-style tables as they "run" together and spill in waves off the roof and sides of the building.
Unconsciously a herd instinct develops, and an inevitable consequence is booms and busts.
The indecision was compounded when we followed the herd instinct and invested in plots of land in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley and garden city, where life was in the stress-free slow lane.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: 'The bank was right to ignore the herd instinct of the City, urging a higher rate.
Although we'll never know for certain, the number 250,000 probably evolved out of sloppy reporting of Bosnian government claims, a demonstration of the herd instinct at work among journalists.