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One source said, ''It is also unclear whether General Secretary Kim is thinking about a hereditary succession,'' but did not rule out the possibility of a power struggle.
Talk of a hereditary succession gained momentum after news reports late last month that North Korea's state radio hinted at such a plan.
The 63-year-old Kim succeeded his father when the latter died in 1994, marking the first hereditary succession of power in a communist country.
Byline: Factors include popular mandate, hereditary succession, sharing ethnic blood, and winning a popular revolution.
But other candidates in these constituencies are apparently not happy with the idea of hereditary succession, and this has seemingly generated unnecessary friction between candidates belonging to the same party in Miyazaki.
Both have repeatedly denied claims of hereditary succession.
The Mubaraks have repeatedly denied claims of hereditary succession.
Now, the process of hereditary succession appears to have been set in motion in order to ensure the perpetuation of this bizarre dynasty over three generations.
Cairo University political scientist Hassan Naf'a, who has organised a campaign against hereditary succession in Egypt, says: "Egypt is facing a serious and critical moment, and everybody feels it".
If Kim Jong Un became North Korea's ruler, it would be the first hereditary succession in three generations in a Communist-ruled country.
Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, said earlier this month his father was against hereditary succession of the country's political leadership, The Tokyo Shimbun newspaper said Friday.
President Saleh criticised those who say he wants to pass the power to his son, saying he is against hereditary succession.

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