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Herry said that BNI is ready to assist the development of the maritime sector such as the development of shipping industry and shipping, marine processing industry, and marine trade.
Mr Herry, who also worked at Lower Gornal Youth Centre, said he was regarded at the school as a "culture shock" and given "unwarranted attention" because of his teaching style and personality.
Mr Herry complained one pupil had called him an insulting six letter name.
The council maintained Mr Herry had failed to provide sick notes while suffering from stress and depression and had not worked since 2011.
Mr Herry denied all the allegations and complained he had been victimised, harassed and bullied by staff and pupils.
We are doing it as recommended by the BPK," Herry said, but declined to offer information about the recovered assets.
Mr Charangit Lyall, representing Dudley Council, said: "Apart from appealing against the tribunal decision in the High Court, Mr Herry has several new legal claims in the tribunal pipeline against the council.
Mr Herry told the court he has only PS2,000 in savings, is on state bents and lives in a one-bed "at.
Mr Herry claimed students mimicked his West Indian accent, called him racist names and one raised his arm 'Heil Hitler'-style.
But she assured Mr Herry other legal claims would not aect her decision.