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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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Thanks to the inspired leadership of Roger Hertog, Louise Mirrer, and a dynamic Board of Trustees, the New-York Historical Society has been transformed, in less than a decade, into a major destination for all who care about American history," said Ms.
He is grateful to Brynjar Lia, Stephane Lacroix and Steffen Hertog for useful comments to early drafts of this article.
In order to join the WTO last December, the Saudis took important steps to liberalize foreign-trade and investment regulations but, as Hertog points out, numerous informal networks maintain vested interests in the system of state distribution of revenue and are likely to resist some reforms, including those that give foreign investors a more even playing field in the private sector.
Den Hertog is a seasoned retail executive who has developed Ahold's presence in the Asian markets as President and CEO of Ahold Asia Pacific and of the company's activities in Thailand.
Our new book, 'Wealth Hazards - Surviving the Recovery,' discusses the areas of personal finance that are most critical to address and provides many insights and tips to avoid, manage, and recover from life's wealth hazards," says Hertog.
Roger Hertog, President, Bernstein will become Vice Chairman, taking oversight responsibility for the firm's institutional and private client sales and marketing organizations.
Hertog gasses the geese because hunting them was outlawed in the Nethlerlands over 15 years ago and the numbers have soared to as high as 1.
Den Hertog HM, van Rossum JA, van der Worp HB, et al.
Lord Roberts wil nie die hertog van Malborough langer op sy staf he nie: "Daar liepen ook al een Duke of Norfolk en een Duke of Westminster rond.
Hertog (2000) defines knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) as firms that "rely heavily on professional knowledge, i.