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commented, "FDA clearance of Rapicide's 5 minute high level disinfection contact time is a significant breakthrough, reducing automated reprocessing contact times by more than 50%, which saves our customers as much as 40 minutes per cycle.
Rapicide, cleared by the FDA in 2000 for use specifically in MediVators' and various other manufacturers' automated endoscope reprocessors, features a 5 minute at 35(Degree)C high level disinfection contact time, making it the fastest liquid chemical germicide currently available to healthcare providers.
Other ASP products include the CIDEX(R) Family of high level disinfectants, and the Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) for high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes.
Lastly, through work stations that automate reprocessing documentation during high level disinfection, care providers can be assured they follow the necessary protocols to mitigate any risk for cross-contamination or patient infection.
The joint effort allows BHT to expand its existing offerings in the UK market for high level disinfection solutions in the most sensitive field of reprocessing flexible endoscopes," said Dr.
High Level Disinfection (HLD) offers significant cost saving advantages over sterilization methods.

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