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It allows a customer the opportunity to get the best price on a high-ticket item and ultimately can lead to a higher volume of orders for retailers.
Many of us understand this concept when it comes to our cars, our homes, or other high-ticket items, but we simply forget this when it comes to our bodies.
Other high-ticket items are Martin acoustic guitars made before World War II and so-called "pre-CBS" Fender electric guitars, made before CBS bought the company in 1965.
Increased consumer confidence and improved credit terms on high-ticket items contributed to a more than 16 percent increase in auto sales during 2003.
New cars have never been more accessible, tempting buyers away from high-ticket items such as holidays and home improvements.
The purchase of high-ticket items is still seriously limited by the fact that consumer and business loans are scarce.
What the stores in these locations lack in high-ticket items, they make up by selling a larger volume of more modestly priced merchandise that justifies their top ten rents.
It doesn't define out very high-ticket items for patients with HIV or undergoing chemotherapy, or for blood products, nutritional treatments, and antibiotics," says Madigan.
While decline in poundage is of concern, upscale, high-ticket items make up for volume loss as dollar value of market keeps climbing.
Besides these larger, high-ticket items, the gallery also sells smaller objects, such as a $25 box or a $50 turned bowl.
McCormick cites several reasons for these changes: * More emergency and specialty care - high-ticket items - as managed care steers the less ill to outpatient settings.
Couple high interest rates with the GST and you have a very pessimistic, negative view of purchasing high-ticket items.

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