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Chief of commercial operations Alan Carter adds that the growing level of interest in and novel findings from Schering and other pharmaceutical partners validates the company's position in high-throughput screening.
Trau, Novel miniaturized systems in high-throughput screening, Trends Biotechnol.
This collection is utilized in large part by the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology's (VICB) High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Facility.
Reymond (biochemistry, University of Berne, Switzerland) presents methods for high-throughput screening and functional characterization of enzymes.
Princeton, NJ 4/19/00-Pharmacopeia, a drug discovery service and software technology company, will exclusively co-license its high-throughput screening technology to PE Biosystems and Becton, Dickson's BD Biosciences business, which will then co-develop high-throughput screening instrumentation utilizing it.
Compatibility of Cell-based Assays with High-throughput Screening Proving to be a Key Challenge
Sybron International expressed particular interest in Robbins Scientific's high-throughput screening products because of the growing market for them.