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The partnership will create a product line of new, highly efficient super sports cars, the WM Saleen, for the Asian market.
Cartafluor[R]: range of highly efficient fluorochemicals for grease and oil resistance,
The HyperIP LZO-based compression engine compresses the aggregated packets that are in the highly efficient IP Accelerator buffers.
Positioning Hangzhou as common center for all of them will promote highly efficient, optimized Chinese production network and reinforce global competitiveness.
Kumar and Hammons recognized in the binary strings the Kerdock code, one of the well-known, highly efficient non-linear codes that had previously proved so difficult to use.
ARC Video is a configurable subsystem that offers a powerful, highly efficient solution for low power multimedia applications.
The CMT 3 offers such design features as an impeller/ control cage adjustable pattern media wheel and a highly efficient patented pyramidal tumbling barrel.
Tax incentives for highly efficient homes, buildings, cars, and products will help the U.
A console server is a flexible and highly efficient management device that allows system administrators single, permanent serial management port access to multiple servers and other hardware devices on a network (starting at 16 ports and up), while reducing manpower requirements, cabling complexities, and overall management costs (see Figure).

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