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Hijrah also means departure from division and strife to harmony and unity, from the state of wandering and bewilderment to guidance and straight path, from Allah's anger to His acceptance and pleasure, he said.
Sincere believers throughout the world, though, will reflect on the meaning of the new Hijrah year and will take great comfort from it.
Amongst the many books are copies of the Qur'an from India and Pakistan, and a Kufi copy which dates back to the third Hijrah century, and which is written on leather.
Khaleeq Ahmad Mufti, an Ajman-based Islamic scholar and author, who also hosts an Islamic show on Sharjah TV, said Hijrah was the "definitive turning point" in the history of Islam.
He said the month of Zul-hijjah 1437 Hijrah will be of 29 days and the month of Muharramul Haraam 1438 Hijrah will commence from October 03, 2016 (Monday).
In remembering the new Hijrah year (the Islamic year, based on a lunar calendar), Muslims remember the migration of Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and of the first Muslims as they left everything and moved from all that they had known in Makkah, to a new life at the service of Allah in Madinah.
He added, We'll announce the winners of the second and third licenses next Saturday at the beginning of the new Hijrah year 1433H.
More than anyone, he had given the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Centre inCethe USCecapital Washington its unwanted association with terrorism.
Two months ago they agreed to push ahead with plans to open Al Hijrah School, in Bordesley Green - the first Muslim secondary in Britain.
The Hijrah year is regressing compared to the Gregorian and the Ramazan is going back to join the spring season after four years.
Islam and the Infidels: The Politics of Jihad, Da'wah, and Hijrah
Ubaidulla received the Tokoh Maal Hijrah award in 1989, and was also credited with the formation of the Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and was also the founding president of the Malaysian Islamic Welfare Organisation (Perkim) in 1961.