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It is however not certain whether these alterations in the hippocampal formation occur in PTSD exclusively, or are common changes in the brain structure of all the individuals subjected to excitability or who experience mental disorders.
Alterations in Hippocampal Formation of Children Suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Loss of asymmetry of hippocampal formation was observed in posttraumatic stress disorder patients (27).
There is, however, some evidence of the lateralized function in the hippocampal formation (30,21).
These authors also reported activation of the hippocampal formation (parahippocampus), the medial parietal region and cingulate cortex.
Comparison of PET scans made during route recall with scans taken during landmark recall revealed activation of the parietal lobe, cingulate cortex, parahippocampal region and activation of the right hippocampal formation.
Several earlier PET studies have reported heightened activity in the hippocampal formation for implicit as well as explicit memories.
Frequency of hippocampal formation atrophy in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease.
Our results supplements the information obtained in those studies by demonstrating that another brain region heavily implicated in spatial cognition, namely the hippocampal formation, appears uninvolved in allocentric spatial learning.
In animal experiments and autopsies of human brains, researchers have found that the hippocampal formation -- an inner-brain region consisting of the hippocampus and several other related structures -- is critical for the formation of long-term memory.
1999) Homing in pigeons: the role of the hippocampal formation in the representation of landmarks used for navigation.
High-resolution MR of the hippocampal formations (see Fig.