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statistically unrelated to criminality, then the hit rate would equal
Table 5 shows that when static hexagrams were included in the counts, the hit rate on future-oriented hexagrams is 32% for FTP-types and 26% for PTP-types.
Belief in psi and an extroverted personality also showed links to increased hit rates by receivers.
With the most recent enhancements, two new AVMs including VMS[TM], have been added to the existing line of 16 of the industry's most respected AVMs, increasing hit rates to over 90 percent.
Study hypotheses were: (a) the hit rate (rank of 1 or 2) for the group consensus judging method would be significantly higher than mean chance expectation and (b) the direct hit rate (rank of 1 only) for the negative-emotion targets would be significantly higher than mean chance expectation.
By contrast, the friends category produced an unusually low hit rate of 16.
More specifically, there is only one hypothesis that has been strictly tested so far: without specifying the relationship, it was predicted at the outset that belief in telepathy would be related to hit rate.
Different control tests failed to explain away the skewness of the NAD scale distributions as due to any bias resulting from averaging individual data, the occurrence of asymmetrically distributed extreme-values, or the use of relative, instead of absolute, hit rate as the measure of performance.
5 times the number of an average year and the system's reliability was further verified by its superior hit rate when compared to other provinces for major crimes such as homicide.
The Brimstone has a hit rate of more than 90% and its precision allows the use of a small warhead with a low risk of civilian damage.
The hit rate is very high; near to 100% in some cases.