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Tom Harris and the hitch-hikers are at no point identified as homosexual or gay, but they aren't identified as heterosexual or straight either.
The hitch-hiker flung himself out of the car and dashed into the nearest pub.
A police spokeswoman said a hitch-hiker, aged 30 - and not dressed for the rain - was seen heading towards the garage between 6.
A hit man (Kiefer Sutherland) picks up a hitch-hiker (Melora Walters) and becomes unwittingly embroiled in a web of lies and double cross in DESERT SAINTS (Entertainment In Video, pounds 12.
GRIEVING relatives of hitch-hiker Kelvin Clark made a heartfelt gesture at his inquest - forgiving the man who killed him.
Mr Harry Pennells, aged 75, of Springfields, Ticehurst, East Sussex, was charged with bludgeoning a hitch-hiker to death with a wooden stake in Bedgebury Forest, near Goudhurst in Kent, on October 20, 1979.
Gary makes a guest appearance on ITV tonight in the 150th episode of Heartbeat as Micky Shannon, a hitch-hiker who is picked up by Greengrass and David and holds them spellbound with tales of his life in the Army.
I picked up a hitch-hiker and it was them who was driving the car.
A HITCH-HIKER who carried out a sex attack on a woman driver in a Mercedes was jailed yesterday.
There's the middle-aged woman caught in an abusive sexual relationship, the overworked security systems salesman, the outspoken learning-disabled hitch-hiker.
As her 29-year-old husband writhed with the un- welcome hitch-hiker, she managed to pull the car over.