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A will or deed written entirely by the testator or grantor with his or her own hand and not witnessed.

State laws vary widely in regard to the status of a holographic will. Some states absolutely refuse to recognize any will not in compliance with the formal statutory requirements pertaining to the execution of the will. Many states that do not recognize holographic wills executed by their own citizens within their borders will nevertheless admit a holographic will to probate if it was validly executed in accordance with the statutory requirements of another jurisdiction that recognizes such wills.



HOLOGRAPH. What is written by one's own hand. The same as Olograph. Vide Olograph.

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Letter 1: Xerox of HRC Undated Holograph Letter from Faulkner to Wasson.
Letter 2: Xerox of HRC Undated Holograph Letter from Faulkner to Wasson.
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Those letters written using an amanuensis are less likely to be either as personal or as spontaneous as holograph letters.
There is an obvious freedom of expression in the countess's holograph letters, which is also found in other letters women wrote themselves.
Twenty-Seven New Holograph Letters published letters from Hazlitt to 9 publishers in Edinburgh, London, and Paris: namely, John Murray, Charles Oilier, Thomas Cadell, Henry Colburn, Charles Cowden Clarke, Henry Leigh Hunt, Owen Rees, Archibald and David Constable, and Jean-Antoine and Guillaume Galignani.