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In any case, whatever the real significance of this sin against the Holy Spirit that makes it unforgivable, what it warns us is to beware of closing ourselves entirely to God.
Part Four covers issues of holiness, equipping, revival, and more testimonies of Holy Spirit Baptism.
There are several interrelated reasons why the work of the Holy Spirit in creation has been obscured for us.
As people understand more about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, they will also understand more about God.
These early disciples were baptized into John's baptism and hadn't even heard of the Holy Spirit.
Empowerment by the Holy Spirit is then shared with the disciples as Jesus sends them out on mission, and it continues to be shared by the community of the church in ways "beyond our imagination" ([section]15), so that today we too, by the Spirit, "participate in the mission of love that is at the heart of the life of the Trinity" ([section]18).
s approach is itself an important example of the hermeneutics of patience and generosity that have often been lacking in the long history of theology's attempt to explore and respond to the reality of the Holy Spirit in Christian life.
The Holy Spirit establishes and maintains order within the Body of Christ.
Earlier in the text, we are introduced to the Spirit at Jesus' baptism, confirming the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the event.
Some call the Holy Spirit the 'shy member of the Trinity' because in John's gospel, Jesus says that when the Spirit comes, he will not speak of himself but only the words Jesus gives him.
Holy Spirit demonstrated the wonderment of God's Grace while insisting upon unfettered compliance to His directives.
The Holy Spirit is the motivating force behind all Pentecostal mission activities.