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The only alternative would be to postulate a transition to orthogrady in the crown hominoids (from monkey-like pronogrady in the common ancestor of the apes and monkeys), back to pronogrady in the African apes and then back again to orthogrady in hominins (Crompton et al.
Evolution of the vertebral column in Miocene hominoids and Plio-Pleistocene hominids, in H.
A Novel Testis-binding Protein Gene Arose by Exon Shuffling in Hominoids," Genome 17 (2007): 1129-38; F.
This configuration of sutures appears to be a normal variation in facial structure and part of the common heritage of hominoids, or apes and humans, and is not confined to robust australopithecines, concludes Eckhardt in the July 23 NATURE.
The original aquatic ape theory, developed by Sir Alister Hardy and made public in 1960, posited that a population of early humans, or hominoids, was isolated during tectonic upheaval in a flooded forest environment, similar to that of parts of the Amazon.
In contrast, the emergence of the hominoids, ancestors to the great apes and ourselves, was a modest affair centred in the Miocene.
Although questions and debates persist about the evolutionary relationships of various fossil hominoids to one another, two new types of the early apes have now entered the scene.
Washington, June 26 (ANI): A new study on fossil tooth has revealed that hominoids migrated from Africa to Eurasia many times long before modern humans left the region some 125 thousand years ago.
After all, in the 'ethological present' hominoids are losers, faced by hominids at the top of their food chain.
They may belong to another class of hominoids -- ancestors of apes and humans -- known as Kenyapithecus, he reports in the same NATURE.
Schwartz and Grehan pooled humans, orangutans, and the fossil apes into a new group called "dental hominoids," named for their similarly thick-enameled teeth.
Foley defines three hierarchically nested levels or grades of human-ness: the hominoids (a category that includes all apes and humans), hominids (the bipedal apes - the so-called 'humans before humanity') and the real or true humans, who alone possess humanity.