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2009a) on the basis of several craniodental features that do not fit with other Valles-Penedes hominoids.
By employing them as a baseline and drawing on the material from elsewhere as substantiating or invalidating aspects, he considers a number of theories from a number of angles, ultimately rejecting them all: in this book, hairy hominoids are not serving as moral, symbolic, or spiritual images, or indeed as a universal archetype.
Insertions and duplications of mtDNA in the nuclear genomes of Old World monkeys and hominoids.
Among human fossil species, the angle varies very little and attempts to discriminate among locomotors modes in hominoids based on the curvature of the tibia condyle have been of limited success (Organ & Ward, 2006).
Hesiodos' and Strabo's descriptions of doglike people); mythological creatures like giants, Amazons and hominoids mentioned by Pliny.
The brain and its main anatomical subdivisions in living hominoids using magnetic resonance imaging.
Louis) offers a textbook for anthropology courses, discussing primate morphology, fossil hominins, Miocene hominoids, and Australopiths and tracing evolution through the genus Homo, Homo erectus, and archaic hominins.
Patterns of cranial sexual dimorphism in certain groups of extant hominoids.
Even worse, they next stumble across some primitive cave paintings and find themselves pursued by a community of acrobatic, blind hominoids ("crawlers") with an unseemly appetite for fresh flesh.
In Kantor's (1977) words, "Psychological interbehaviors evolve from biological adaptations but become as different from biological interbehavior as, for example, hominoids differ from organisms in prior stages of evolution.
6 kb) of extreme conservation adjacent to the transcription start site; this region was analyzed in 18 Old World monkeys and hominoids.
Within the hominoids ridge width is positively correlated with body size.