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It is even worse than with a polymeric blend of flexible structures, where the poor entropic force allows only a minority of systems to build a homogeneous mixture.
Therefore, a network structure with different properties from those of a homogeneous mixture of networks is obtained, in this case with a higher degree of crosslinking than expected.
The technology can achieve large production widths thanks to patented forming heads to enable the production of nonwovens from 100% pulp or from a homogeneous mixture of different types of fibers as well as super absorbent powders.
A The objective in obtaining accurate post-transfusion blood counts is to obtain a sample that is a homogeneous mixture of patient and donor cells.
The throat of the barrel must be fed a homogeneous mixture of virgin, regrind, and colorant.
Still, I have tried to exorcise from this publication the word solution--unless, of course, it refers to a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances or the answer to a math problem.
It is comprised of processing as a melt in an extruder, at least one binder and at least one pigment, and optionally, at least one filler, additive and/or cross linker, and premixing, to give a homogeneous mixture and grinding, after cooling, to a finished powder.
As process materials are pumped through the elements, the input streams are split and diverted until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
In addition, it is also the only AA sampling system that can mix any combination into a homogeneous mixture for furnace analysis, according to the company.
Depending upon the design parameters of the system, various grades of lubricants are produced by blending selected additives with lube base oils of different viscosity to render a homogeneous mixture - needed for particular demands.
It also assumes that the return sand system will properly blend the sand into one homogeneous mixture and remove all lumps and metallics.
The Cheng Clean Low NOx system (CLN) uses a highly homogeneous mixture of fuel and steam injected through specially designed fuel nozzles resulting in not only NOx and CO levels near 5 PPM, but also increased power output from the gas turbine due to the additional mass flow through the engine.