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There are, for example, the honorific titles, which were so common in late antiquity, but now strike us as awkward except in a few cases, such as "Your Majesty" or "Your Honor.
The epithet "Magnus Cubicularius tuus" (your Knight of the Bedchamber) is added to cap a list of Carr's honorific titles, where it is intended at once to convey a hint of sodomy and to satirize the puffed-up importance of the king's lofty intimates.
As honorific titles in general are nullified by death, so too, it seems, invidious moral distinctions, drawn in retrospect among the Jewish victims, are out of place.
123) rightly identifies the person (the exiled James Edward Stuart), but conveys a different attitude toward the "Re d'Inghilterra" from that intended by the writer; and inconsistency in the rendering of honorific titles sometimes obscures the social relationship between correspondents.