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She said Foley loaded the gun and 'jogged' outside, followed by the hooded man.
Officers are looking for this hooded man in picture 14 over an incident at Spar in Rhosddu Road, Wrexham last November 23.
Diners at the restaurant in Coventry Road, Small Heath, fled in panic as the hooded man screamed at staff to hand over cash.
A hooded man tried to snatch an mp3 player from around the neck of its owner.
Yesterday a policeman played the role of the hooded man seen leaving her home that night.
A Durham Police spokesman said: 'A hooded man was spotted walking towards the front gate of Myrobella House.
Detectives are still looking for a hooded man seen following Caroline before her death.
A HOODED man crept up behind a young woman and assaulted her.
The hooded man, said to be in his early 30s, targeted the McColls store in Highfield Road, Rock Ferry, at 6.
Gardai are scouring CCTV images to identify a hooded man who grabbed a girl of eight from outside St Philomena's School in Bray, Co Wicklow.
30am yesterday, when a hooded man holding a gun entered a kiosk on Vasileos Pavlou Street in Limassol.
Suddenly I saw a hooded man sprinting towards me down the middle of the street.