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This technique is usually performed under ultrasound guidance and is useful in the pre-operative diagnosis of HD by demonstrating the diagnostic hooklets and scolices in the aspiration fluid, which are pathognomonic.
Matching the molecular data to the cephalic bulb hooklet counts (Table 2) corroborated that AL3 of G.
The gold standard for final diagnosis is histopathology in which typical cysts with scolices and hooklets are diagnostic.
In the aspirate of hydatid cyst mostly scoleces and hooklets are identified.
2013a) that hooklets represent anticipation: the subject is thinking about the next stroke and begins moving in that direction before finishing the current one.
One of the most important consequences in monogenean parasitism is the injury caused by the insertion of hooks and hooklets on the epithelium (Buchmann and Lindenstron, 2002) associated to the parasite movement.
75 in SL; dorsal at midbody; trunk scales 5/38/3', 12 predorsal, 14 around caudal peduncle; base of caudal covered with small scales extending onto the proximal 1/4 or 1/3 of the middle of the lobes, not along their border; anal fin iii,18-19, no hooklets observed; S03 entire, except a small "naked" triangle dorso-posteriorally; premaxilla with 4 tricuspid teeth in the outer row and 4 pentacuspid ones in the inner row, all teeth usually black, the cuspids long; maxilla short, just reaching level of anterior margin of eye, with one broad black tooth; mandible 4 pen-tacuspid followed by about 8 much smaller tricuspid teeth.
Germinal layer, scolices and hooklets were variably present (Table 1) (Fig.
Fine-needle aspiration was performed at a local clinic before referral to the surgical clinic; parasitic hooklets were observed, diagnosing an Echinococcus cyst.